The Kanaalweg

Kanaalweg is the newest campus in Middelburg. This completely new-built complex was delivered in April 2022, which means that you will be its first residents!

The building is ideally located near the city centre, schools and the train station. It consists of three buildings, the tallest having no less than eight floors! The campus totals 119 apartments and can house 236 residents!

All apartments have two bedrooms, a large parlour kitchen, a bathroom and a storage area. The apartments are ideal for spending your time as a student or starter with someone else! You can rent your own parking place and there is a large bicycle shed. Each roof has a lovely big rooftop garden in which to enjoy the beautiful weather and, of course, the views of Middelburg.

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Distance to center: 500 meters

Distance to supermarket: 1 km

Distance to beach: 8.6 km


  • All apartments have smart PVC flooring and curtains. Furthermore, they have two bedrooms, a large parlour kitchen, a bathroom and a storage area.

    The kitchen unit has cabinets, a sink, worktop and, of course, an extractor hood and built-in induction hob. There is no other kitchen equipment.

    The apartments are offered unfurnished. We do work with a company that can supply furniture for your room though!

    The Kanaalweg campus consists of three buildings. Each building has one elevator and two shared staircases. There is a car park under building C and building B has a large bicycle shed.

    Cleaning your apartment is not included in the rent/service charges. The shared areas, hallways, entrance and staircases are cleaned weekly. The cleaning costs are included in the service charges.

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  • Kanaalweg is a campus consisting of 3 buildings. Each building has 1 elevator and 2 general stairwells. There is a parking garage under building C, while at building B is a large bicycle shed.

  • The cleaning of your own apartment is not included in the rental price/service costs.

    The common areas, hallways, entrance and stairwells are cleaned weekly. The costs of the cleaning costs are included in the service costs.

  • The basic rent can vary, depending on the size of the apartment. Every year, the government determines the percentage by which the rent may be increased.

    This means that the rent can be adjusted on a yearly basis. Most apartments have a basic rent of about €681,49 per month. Some apartments can be more expensive. All apartments have their own letterbox and doorbell. You may be eligible for housing allowance.

  • Each month, you will pay service charges in addition to the rent. The service charges cover additional supplies and services.

Appartement Tour – De Kanaalweg


Kanaalstraat Campus 2
Price per month: € 681,49,-
Surface: 37-50 m2
Kitchen: Shared with 1 person
Interior: Bare
Rooms: 119
Bathroom: Shared with 1 person
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