Rent & Service costs

Rent & Service Charges

The rents of the rooms/studios are based on the housing evaluation system, also called the points system. Points are given to each element of the accommodation, such as the surface area and the facilities (for example, sanitary facilities, kitchen, outdoor space, etc.). Do you have a room with a bathroom, toilet and/or kitchen? Then your room will be given more points than a room with shared facilities. These points together result in a maximum rent. Every year, the government determines the percentage by which the rent may be increased. This means that the rent can be adjusted on a yearly basis. Of course, all residents will receive a letter with more information.

Service costs

Every year in May or June, we will send you a final statement detailing the actual costs for the period of January up to and including December of the year before. You may receive a refund or you may need to pay extra.

Radio/television charges, property tax, white goods and internet fees are not included in the final statement.

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