Flexibele Campus

Flexibele Campus

The flexible campus consists of several locations: Zuidsingel, Nieuwe Haven, Hof van Sint Pieter and Domburg Schuitvlot. All locations are located near UCR and the city centre. Nieuwe Haven is in the same street as the Koestraat campus (in the direction of the library). Zuidsingel and Hof van Sint Pieter are near the Bagijnhof campus. Domburg Is near the centre of Middelburg.

If there are no rooms available in one of the main campuses, we will offer you a temporary room on one of the flexible campuses until we have a room for you on one of the main campuses.

These locations are also used for HZ students or regular tenants (people studying at other schools or first-time tenants).

Distance to centre: 0-500 m

Distance to supermarket: 0-500 m

Distance to train station: 0-500 m

Distance to the beach: 9 km


  • Nieuwe Haven: Nieuwe Haven is a historic building located in the city centre. The studios with a surface area have a service ranging from 30 m2 to 55 m2 and have a private kitchen and bathroom. This location also has a shared garden and a bicycle shed.


    The Zuidsingel studios are similar to those in Nieuwe Haven and have a bathroom and a kitchen. The surface area ranges between 28 m2 and 60 m2.

    Apartments on the ground floor have their own garden. Apartments from the first floor and higher have a balcony. There is a bicycle shed behind the building. Please note: The costs for gas, water and electricity are not included in the service charges.

    Hof van Sint Pieter: This location consists of interconnected houses with rooms. You share the bathroom, toilet and kitchen with your housemates. The rooms have a surface area ranging between 14 m2 and 23 m2. All rooms are offered unfurnished.

    Domburg Schuitvlot: This location is located on the edge of the center of Middelburg and offers fully furnished rooms in an attractive building. The property features a large kitchen, a laundry room, 4 bathrooms and 5 separate toilets. The rooms are equipped with a window coverings, lamps, bed with mattress and bedding, wardrobe and desk with chair.

  • All units in Nieuwe Haven, Zuidsingel and Hof van Sint Pieter have CampusNet internet and cable television.

    Nieuwe Haven: Studios have been created in this historic building. Please note that the studios do not have connections for a washing machine; there are connections elsewhere in the building. This campus does not have a washing machine; the residents arrange for a washing machine together.

    Zuidsingel: The Zuidsingel studios all have washing machine connections. You need to arrange for a washing machine yourself. This is the only location where you are required to arrange for utility connections (electricity, gas, water) yourself. If you need help, we will be happy to assist you. Click here to contact us.

    Hof van Sint Pieter: You have your own room in this flexible location, but you share facilities such as sanitary facilities and the kitchen with your housemates. Also, there are shared living rooms. This campus does not have a washing machine; the residents arrange for a washing machine together.

    Domburg Schuitvlot: This location offers furnished rooms, has a large kitchen, laundry room, 4 bathrooms and 5 separate toilets.

  • Cleaning your room or studio is not included in the rent/service charges.
    The shared areas, such as the hallways, bathrooms, toilets and floors are cleaned once a week, not at the weekends. The cleaning costs are included in the service charges.

    Cleaning the kitchen and its cupboards and fridge, and clearing the rubbish from the kitchen are not included.

  • Nieuwe Haven: The basic rent for a Nieuwe Haven studio starts at €404 per month. The largest studio is €511.27 per month. You may be eligible for housing allowance.

    Zuidsingel: The basic rent for a Zuidsingel studio ranges from €360.50 to €403.14 per month. You may be eligible for housing allowance.

    Hof van Sint Pieter: the basic rent for a room starts at €198.94 per month; the rent for the largest room, with a surface area of 23 m2, is €344.92 per month. As the rooms have shared facilities, students cannot apply for housing allowance.

    Domburg Schuitvlot: The basic rental prices for a room at the Domburg Schuitvlot vary from €250.45 to €380.00 per month.

    Every year, the government determines the percentage by which the rent may be increased. This means that the rent can be adjusted on a yearly basis.

  • Each month, you will pay service charges in addition to the rent. The service charges cover additional supplies and services. Click here to view the service charges for each flexible location.


Price per month: € 230-€480 excl.
Surface: 14-60 m2
Kitchen: Shared/private
Interior: Upholstered
Rooms: 63
Bathroom: Shared/private
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