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Filing a repair request

How to submit repair requests if you live in Bachtensteene

Below you can fill your repair request or malfunction. As soon as we have received your repair request, we will forward it to the repair company we work with. You will receive an email with instructions.

The Bachtensteene Campus does not include a service package. This means that students need to carry out small repairs themselves.
Below are some examples of small repairs:

  • Changing a lamp
  • Fixing a door handle
  • Fixing a socket face plate
  • Fixing a loose toilet seat
  • Fixing loose shelves

However, you can submit requests for major repairs with Gapph. Below are some examples of major repairs:

  • The central heating is not working
  • A leak in the bathroom
  • No hot water

The owner of the Bachtensteene campus will contact you directly to make an appointment for these repairs. It is important that we have the right mobile phone number.


Repairs covered by the rent will only be carried out at no extra cost to the tenant or tenants if the problem did not result from a fault or negligence attributable to the tenant or tenants. If repairs or replacements were caused by poor maintenance, the costs will be charged to the tenant or tenants.

This list is not exhaustive. This means that in all other cases in which you are unsure, you are advised to consult your tenancy contract and the terms and conditions before submitting a repair request with Gapph. This will help you to avoid unexpected costs. If you need to pay the costs, Gapph will let you know in advance. Did you, for example, lock yourself out? Then Gapph will need to engage a company at your expense.

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